Where can I visit Red Suit Holidays?
We are adding new locations every year.  Click on the locations tab above for the latest list of locations.
What are your hours of operation?
Each location has their own hours.  Click on the locations tab, select your location for location specific hours.
Do you take pictures with pets?
Santa loves cats and dogs; however, for other pets please email us ahead of time.  Each location has specifics requirements that may be beyond our control. 
I don't like lines.  What should I do?
With Red Suit Holidays you will never stand in line!  All our locations use virtual queues giving you the freedom to do what you like while waiting for Santa.  Check in at our location and we will text or email you when it close to your turn to see Santa.  Feel free to let your kids play in our free kids area or go shop while you wait.  See locations section for locations with free play areas. 
What is a "prep area"?
Everyone wants to look their very best when they visit Santa.  That is why we provide prep areas so everyone can spend a few moments getting ready to see Santa.  If you forget brushes, hairspray, or other prep items not to worry.  All items are available for purchase at great prices. 
When will my photo be ready?
All photos are available immediately after your visit.  Digital photos will be sent to your inbox before you leave the store.  
What is a digital photo?
Digital photos are sent to any single email address you choose.  All digital photos are full resolution images and come with a full copyright release.  
Does it cost anything to visit Santa and not get a picture?
Visits with Santa are always free!  Please note customers purchasing pictures will move up the queue.  It is recommended visitors come early in the season or weekdays early in the morning.  There maybe times where visitors do not have an opportunity to visit Santa.  We kindly ask that only customers purchasing pictures use their own cameras.
Can I take pictures with my own camera?
Customers purchasing pictures are free to take as many pictures or videos as they like during their visit.
What is a "private Santa experience"?
Locations with a private Santa experience allow you to visit Santa only with the people you choose.  You will visit Santa in Santa's private den without the distraction of onlookers and passersby.  A private Santa experience creates a special memory for parents and kids that is sure to last a lifetime.
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